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Programm Samstag 30.9.17

The weather is difficult: where do we find the best flying conditions? In the evening we will know ...

We meet tomorrow morning at 10:15 at Dallenwil near Niederrickenbach at the Cable-Car-Station for Haldigrat. Tickets for XC League Pilots will be covered. For those who will travel by train, arrival at 10:30 would be good (the train has limited capacity)

-Season Review
-Planning 2018
-Flying: We suspect the best conditions at noon
-Location and time from the Apéro is flexible, it depends on the flight. It will be defined during the Briefing at Haldigrat.

See you

29 September 2017, Christian Maurer

(01 October 2017) Fliegen und Feiern»


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