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Weather Report and Info Tuesday

A trough at 5000m was not visible in the old forecasts. It lies above the Western Alps and makes the weather unpredictable. This is independent of the front, which is announced Thursday evening / night. The effect is: warm and humid air and many and violent thunderstorms. A classic southwesterly airflow with unpredictable thunderstorms.

This is COSMO1, and rather exaggerated.

In the morning, however, there will be widespread precipitation in Ticino. But dry in the evening, so acyclic.

We have to be ready because the wind is also a problem. Probably ( !!!! ) we go up at 9:30 and briefing Caischavedra 10:00.

Next info Tuesday morning, 8am.

A little more south-wind, we benefit from a slight Foehn effect.

Föhn. Front on Thursday evening / night.

Probably clouds and precipitation.

Drier, cooler air, with still southwesterly winds: As it looks today, it is good for a task (intermediate high) on Saturday before it is thundery again on Sunday.

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06 August 2018, Martin Scheel


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