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In the lower layer cool air is supplied from the northeast, in the higher layer humid air from the southwest.

Cloudy, brightening in the afternoon. However, the base remains low and hardly rises above launch site height. From 16 o'clock in our southern mountains again precipitation.

The wind is weak below cloud base. Undefined, or weak valley winds (up to Ilanz, Chur has valley wind). Maybe some wind near Congestus, but probably only in the evening and not at our place.

Our problem will be the cloud-base height.

Probably (!!) we go to Caischavedra at 11:30.
Chance of a flight 80%.
Chance for a task 30%.

Next info at 10:00.

Tonight, 19 h:
Salad, Chicken-Curry, Dessert for CHF 19.

10 August 2018, Martin Scheel

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