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Swiss Open Fiesch, Meteo update Wednesday

In short: The wind forecasts have improved, the thermal forecasts have worsened.

Weak to normal valley winds, Grimseler at 14h NE not to Münster, but only to Ulrichen.
1500m valley wind
from 2000m weak northeast
3000m NE 10-15 kn

warm air advection, especially at noon, weak, bad thermals, better in the afternoon

Usable thermal top:
- Soaring Meteo and Meteoparapente 2500 (both forecast very weak thermals)
- TopTask 3000
- Calculation with Previtemp I also get 2900 (14h), 3100 (17h)

10:00 Briefing Alpine Lodge (Fiescher Alp)

05 August 2020, Martin Scheel


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