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Day 6 - Task 5

The last day of the PWC in Baixo Guandu had everything: Fast racing, but also endless turns in zero-climb in total shade. The task of 80k started fast but turned into a fight for survival as soon as a layer of high clouds covered the whole area. Flying was extremely defensive and no one wanted to be alone, so a big gaggle of about 40 pilots formed and slowly approached goal. Two pilots were more optimistic, tried their own thing and managed to get to goal roughly 15 minutes before the gaggle.
Yael and I were in the big group. Franz, Jörg and Emanuelle came in 30 minutes later. Beat, Michi Sigel and Alfredo bombed out.
After all, I could win the comp and Yael is 3rd in the women's ranking. Team Jack & Jones with Franz, Alfredo, Emanuelle and me is also on the podium!

Foto by Yael
Baixo Guandu and the Rio Doce
21 April 2018, Michael Küffer


Markus Roschi on Sunday, 22. April 2018, 00:41
Wow so guet! Yiiiiihaaaaaaa!!!

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