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Day 7 - 74km task

When we watched out of the windows today morning, no one thought that we will have a task today, as visibility was 5m because of mist. However, conditions improved a lot and we went up to the takeoff at 11am. Conditions looked good, and soon we took off for a 74km task to the SE. From the beginning there were two groups going SE. Luckily I was in the northern group, which was very small, while all other pilots were flying more to the South. Maybe it was because the Northern route was better, maybe because the pilots in the south were interfering to much, but I could easily stay in front. After a first valley crossing we got into very stable conditions. But again, my line was better and together with Philipp Haag we got a nice lead of the others. Finally, all lines came together before goal and really a lot of pilots got to goal within the first 3 minutes. Thanks to the leading points I got first today and because Michael got 5th, we also won the nation ranking today and are now on first place overall.

Kurz nach dem Start <br />©Michael Maurer
Auf dem Weg ins Ziel<br />©Michael Maurer
Im Ziel<br />©Nick
24 July 2018, Michael Sigel

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Richard Imstepf on Tuesday, 24. July 2018, 21:27
Gratulation zum Tagessieg Solo und Team :-)
Wenn ihr weiter so aufdreht, hat die Schweiz bald einen Europameister. Weiter so ich drück euch die Daumen. Bis bald in Disentis.

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