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Because of mismanagement and the loss of Breitling and Red Bull as big sponsors, FAI has financial problems. That’s why there is a 10% increase on membership subscription and they try to cut administration cost. There will be no World Airgames in Turkey in 2022 because of financial problems. Please have a look at the Anti-Doping list, penalties can be very serious!!

CIVL will spend a lot of money in the next two years for an event management system, as well as new scoring software. CIVL EMS is an integrated web service that will combine event hosting, online participants’ registration, event blogs and ranking. The system will also have API connection to FAI AMS system and SL DB to show exactly the sanctioning status of the event. It will also provide automation of processes to export data into Live tracking and Scoring services.
In 2019 all competitions were successful and there are more and more competitions all over the world. Live tracking works well.
From now on it will be possible to punish pilots for not returning their live trackers on time because of unsportive behavior. New is, that it will be possible to make an official protest in Cat 2 events.
There are now some minimum requirements for Cat 2 events.
Pilot should have scored at least 40 (instead of 20) points to enter a European Championship.
There are some minor changes in the GAP scoring formula, mainly for paragliding, that Jörg Ewald proposed:

1. Remove final glide decelerators
2. No more prescribed turnpoint direction (including start)
3. Clarify task distance calculation
4. Clarify rule for restarts for races with multiple start gates and for elapsed time tasks
5. Use a constant leading weight for paragliding
6. Task results are given with one decimal point, only round once when calculating competition results
7. Adopt the PWCA’s leading points calculation for paragliding
8. Adopt the PWCA’s time points calculation for paragliding
9. No more minimum time for stopped tasks. Minimum time for stopped tasks depends on nominal time (=1/2 of nominal time, maximum 1 hour)
10. Stopped tasks: Redistribute removed time points as distance points
11. FTV: Use best score for FTV validity

For the records:
- All records have to me announced to the NAC prior to the record attempt.
- They changed the name from Straight distance to Free distance.
- Only a single declaration may be made for a record attempt, except that free distance and distance to a declared goal may be declared together
- If a pilot scores equals previous record, a pilot can claim equal record.

The CIVL wanted to make a “Mini Airgame” for CIVL in Turkey in 2022 (PG XC, aerobatics and accuracy), mainly because of financial support from the government. However, after intervention from some countries they decided to open the bid (other organizers can apply for those competitions).

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02 February 2020, Michael Sigel

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