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Kroll Anja

Team Hall of Fame SHV No. 36657
Job IT-Project Manager with Ergon Informatik AG
Education Dipl. Inform. (FH), i.e. computer scientist
Hobbies paragliding, sports & yoga
Flying Since 2001
Competition Since 2003
Flying Because In the air every single moment is pure joy (except for lees).
Successes ...2009
1st lady Swiss Open Championship Fiesch
1st lady Swiss League Cup
1st lady Cross Country Cup
1st lady Swiss League Open Interlaken
1st overall Swiss Cup Frutigen
3rd lady World Championships Valle de Bravo (Mexico)

FAI World Record
1st lady World Cup Tour 2008
1st lady CIVL World Ranking (August 2007 - September 2008)
1st lady World Cup Grindelwald (Switzerland)
1st lady Swiss Open Championship Fiesch
1st lady Swiss League Cup
1st lady Monarca Paragliding Open Valle de Bravo ( Mexico)
2nd lady European Championship Ni? (Serbia)
2nd lady World Cup Castejón de Sos (Spain)
2nd lady World Cup Sopot (Bulgaria)
3rd lady World Cup Poggio Bustone (Italy)
3rd lady World Cup Castelo (Brazil)

... 2007
1st lady / 28th overall World Cup Tour 2007
1st lady CIVL World Ranking
1st lady / 47th overall World Cup Kayseri (Turkey)
1st lady / 16th overall World Cup Monte Cornizzolo (Italy)
1st lady / 14th overall Swiss Open Championship Anzère
1st lady / 6th overall Swiss Cup Monte Generoso
2nd lady / 33rd overall World Cup Ibaraki (Japan)
3rd team World Championships Manilla (Australia)

... 2006
1st team European Championship Morzine (France)
1st lady / 7th overall task #1 World Cup Castelo (Brazil)
2nd lady Swiss Open Monte Lema
2nd lady World Cup La Reunion Island (France)
2nd lady / 8th overall Swiss League Cup
3rd lady / 48th overall World Cup Tour 2006

... 2005
1st lady British Open Piedrahita (Spain)
1st overall task #2 Dutch Open Piedrahita (Spain)
1st lady Nordic Open Talloires (France)
1st lady British Open Mayrhofen (Austria)
3rd lady World Cup Serra da Estrela (Portugal)

... 2004
1st lady Cross Country Cup fun&safety
5th lady World Cup Tapalpa (Mexico)

... 2003
1st Ladies' Challenge
1st lady / 5th overall Pre-World Cup Bir/Billing (India)
1st lady Cross Country Cup fun&safety
1st overall Cross Country Cup newcomer
Goals ... 2010
none any more.
Glider / Color - -
Glider Picture

In the Gaggle - Nis, Serbia, July 2008 © Martin Scheel
Paragliding World Cup Poggio Bustone, May 2008 © Martin Scheel
Soaring Vultures in the Himalayas (India), October 2003 © Anja Kroll
Castejón de Sos, Spain, June 2008 © Ricardo Panzarasa
Swiss Open Anzère, August 2007 © Martin Scheel
Boom 5 XS - Paragliding World Cup Monte Cornizzolo, July 2007 © Martin Scheel
Podium Overall Paragliding Worldcup 2007 : 2. Ewa Wisnierska (D), 1. Anja (CH), 3. Keiko Hiraki (J)
Podium Paragliding Worldcup Grindelwald 2008 : 2. Ewa Wisnierska (D), 1. Anja (CH), 3. Dorothea Stichlmaier (D)
World Championship 2009, Valle de Bravo, Mexico © Martin Scheel


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