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Training Day

Today was the official training day for the Europeans. Although the weather forecast was not very promising, pilots headed for the takeoff in the morning. During the briefing for the training task, the conditions improved and while the first pilots were climbing, some small cumulus clouds started to form in the flats.
While Alfredo took the chance and flew the training task, the others went on a sightseeing tour in the flats. It became a fairly good day with nice climbs and cloud base went up to 2000m. However, the training task was not easy and many pilots landed short before goal because of strong winds. The youngsters landed top next to the hotel to avoid the heat of the valley and long retrieval. Tomorrow will be the first task and the weather forecast looks good. We will see if we are able to defend our title as European Champions ☺
In the evening we had the mandatory safety briefing, followed by the opening ceremony. However, the nations walking tour around the parking of the hotel with less than 10 spectators was queer. After the walk the organization offered snacks and free beer. But as we expect a nice day tomorrow, all Swiss pilots went already to their rooms.
See you tomorrow.

Yael, Dominik and Patrick over the flats
Patrick and Tim
Team Switzerland in their official clothes
09 August 2016, Michael Sigel

(10 August 2016) Task 1»


Christoph Trutmann on Tuesday, 9. August 2016, 22:24
Hopp Schwyz!

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