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Task 6

Task 6

Today`s Task was 116km race to goal.
For the first time today all Swiss pilots arrived in goal :-) yipiii.
The weather improved and we had already 2800m before the start and during the task the thermals got stronger at about 4, 5m/s or even more at the good spots.
Today it was also important to be in the cycl of the thermal. If not you may loose quickly a lot of time.
Most of us managed to stay with the leading group or caught up again ones behind. Anyway it was not so important to be the higest because the line was more important and we had realy long glides beetween. So normaly at the next thermal we were always together again.
And so the big group went to goal together with only seconds between the pilots.
Task winner may be Yasson because of the leading points.

Towards first turnpoint in the south
16 August 2016, Alfredo Studer

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