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Swiss Cup Frutigen and Swiss League Cup: Canceled

Swiss Cup Frutigen and Swiss League Cup: Canceled

The best chance for flying is Oberwallis. I am pretty sure, that individual pilots will have cool flights at both days: With an early start you will be able to fly 2 or 2 hours. Sunday the NE-wind have to be watched.

But I think, that on both days we will get a lot of cumulus and showers along the relief. Probably the cumulus are very big at 11, collaps a little bit around noon and rise up very early in the afternoon to congestus.

Early showers in the air makes it extremely difficult to get a valid task. Cloud flying would be a problem as well.
Therefor we cancel this weekend.

PS: The most optimistic model is AROME:
EZ, Cosmo, Arpege, all forecast lots of rain in the afternoons of both days (exept Surselva and Oberwallis).

17 June 2016, Martin Scheel

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