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Wednesday - Day 1 - Cancelled

Wednesday - Day 1 - Cancelled

After thunderstorms and lots of rain during the night, pilots had to attend the safety briefing this morning. We got informed that the might introduce a slightly modified scoring system. This is to reduce top speed in the final glide. Basically the new system should reward fast-flying during the task and not only in final glide. As it is unusual to introduce a new rule in a ongoing competition season, there will be a vote for this new scoring system.
In addition, they cancelled the day and said that the city of Toluca (30km in the east of Valle de Bravo) got snow. This never happened so far, or at least not for some time. As I'm writing this report, it is still raining.

rain, clouds - view from the Gin-house
swiss briefing
13 January 2016, Michael Sigel


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