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Saturday - Day 4 - Cancelled

Saturday - Day 4 - Cancelled

After a successful day yesterday (1. Michi K. and 1. Emanuelle) in good and quite easy conditions, the weather looked much worse today again. Meteoblue announced bad weather for today since a while and the sky is overcasted right now. As the meteo does not seem to improve improve until the late afternoon, the organization cancelled the day.
At this point it's worth to mention the organization, which does a good job. Miguel Gutierrez and his team have a good retrieve, several tree-rescues and organize alternative programs on non-flying days.

In the late afternoon, Steph, Michi K. and Michi S. walked up to the takeoff over the city to make an evening flight (see pictures).

view to the takeoff
landing in Valle de Bravo
way to the takeoff, chosen by the leader Stephan Morgenthaler
Valle de Bravo
Landing Michi K.
16 January 2016, Michael Sigel

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