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Portugal task 3

Portugal task 3

Today the forecast predicted thunderstorms quite early, so after the morning briefing at 9 we were directly drown on take off. Then they set a task of 82km , heading south east off the take off, then north east for again, like in brazil, a Pepe speciality with an exit and enter again a small radius. I still don’t understand what is the strategy to do that, except to mess up with the gps. Anyway. Start was set at 13:45 and it looked really promising. Small cumulus around blown a bit by west winds. we headed then in the flats to get the exit and the conditions were very good. Nice efficients thermals and good glides. After we had to get back in the 40km radius. There was 2 different groups. One of them went upwind to get the cylinder and the others, we decided to take the optimized line. As it was getting really obvious that it will be cancelled there was not much to do loosing time around. When I heard the radio saying it is cancelled, the first raindrops were coming and we got stressed to land, pack and hide from the shower!
At the end, the 1st pilot scores 305 points, and a lot of pilots have the same points. The race was really not over, we were at the half.
Everybody back down safe. Hoping to have a nice day tomorrow!

05 July 2016, Yael Margelisch

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