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Arrival and training day

Arrival and training day

Hello and welcome to the reports from the Paragliding World Cup in La Reunion. Yesterday finally all Swiss arrived well here in Saint Leu on the west side of this island in the Indian Ocean. After arriving in the landing field for lunch, all locals told us that this is a morning flying site. Therefore we were not sure, if we should even go up to the takeoff. But as the conditions still looked good, we went to the take off just over the town. Light winds and an breathtaking view welcomed us there and we were quite in a hurry to get in the air. Thermals worked well and most of the Swiss pilots were flying around. After one hour I decided to top land a little south of the take off and Jan and Michi K. joined. It was followed by an amazing flight into sunset.
Today was the official training day, but only Simon raced with the others. Most of us just flew around and got to know the area. Again some of us top landed on an amazing spot. After landing the local told us, that the conditions are much better than usual, because the cloud base is 300-400m higher, with stronger thermals than usual. Well, as we know from the past, this is likely to change, as the competition starts tomorrow.
The inscription was in a restaurant at the beach, followed by a nice apero. However, the pilot level is quite low and only some 80 pilots are in the competition.
Swiss pilots in this comp:
Michel Küffer
Jan Sterren
Jörg Ewald
Simon Bonfadelli
Markus Roschi
Gabriela Mettler
Christoph Trutmann
Michael Sigel

Take off<br /> ©Michi K.
top landing<br />©Michi K.
final glide to the beach<br />©Michi K.
sunset<br />©Michi K.
01 October 2016, Michael Sigel

(03 October 2016) Task 2»


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