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Day 4 - task 2

Well, today did not work as planed. First the conditions looked very nice and good. But already on the way to the first turnpoint clouds got bigger and made a lot of shade. Michael Küffer did a great job and was leading the field to the first turnpoint and then further to the second turnpoint. However, a 100% cloud cover forced him to land. 20 minutes later the second group had to land in the same time, shortly followed by the third group. I made a mistake in the beginning and lost a lot of time. That was not as bad, as I could follow the fourth group. We got a little more sun then the others and could pass them. The climbs were still weak and I got too impatient, left the group and bombed out too. Too bad, as my group was the only one who made goal. First in goal was Stephane Poulain and Meryl got in 7. Franz Schilter is the only Swiss in goal today.

The view you don't like when you enter the retrieve bus, especially when you bomb out...<br />@küffer
lots of clouds today<br />©Margelisch
18 April 2018, Michael Sigel

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Day 4 - task 2

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