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Day 5-6: One more task

Day 5-6: One more task

There was too much wind from too much East at Sevan Lake on Sunday, so we packed our gliders on the takeoff and went swimming.
On Monday, we flew a Task from Buzhakhan. It was a little bit stable and one had to be lucky to get a ticket to the orbit. Again only 4 Pilots made the ESS.
For the last day we got better conditions. The task was changed again short before the window was open. First it was very cyclic. One group was very high 8' before the airstart and slowle came down. After 1h, there was some rain at the 2nd part of the task. Surprise, it was where it always start raining first. No valid task.
It was a good experience. Armenia is a good place with very nice people. For the tasksetting, there is more local knowledge needed.

20 July 2016, Peter Hürlimann


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