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Weather Report XC-Weekend: Sunday Fiesch

Weather Report XC-Weekend: Sunday Fiesch

As yesterday the model "WRF" produces much faster (11:30) rain as COSMO (13:30). Both draw it in the area of Grimsel-Gotthard and south of Disentis.

Ok in the morning, but fast development of "too" strong westerly. The pictures show the development in the WRF-model at 1500m (2000m is similar). Probably it is difficult to fly against the wind after 13h.
At Grimsel/Gotthard it will be north in lower levels.

Development to good thermals above 2000m. Clouds (2/8) at 3000m, later 3200m.

- Pls pay our Landing-Card together with the ticket
- Briefing 9:15 at Restaurant Kühboden
- SMS-Check In: para start ccc > 9292
- Livetracking has been ok at most pilots (see yesterday). All the others: Pls check your livetracking!
- Airspace: Check the DABS (ok)
- Sion Airport
- Possible routes to optimise the result

28 August 2016, Martin Scheel


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