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Second Task: 41 km

Thick clouds all morning, we only drove up to launch at half past one, still doubtful if conditions would be good enough for a task. But after an hour at take-off, the sky cleared up a little, and a 41.5 km task was set, window open at 15:00, race start at 15:30. After two fast legs along the ridge, a first journey out into the flats made for tough tactical decisions. Picking the right line was crucial, several pilots didn't manage to re-attach at the cliffs after coming back.

Another turnpoint at the far (north) end of the ridge, then a last one out in the flats. The brave went straight, the not so brave stayed on the ridge, got high again, had to even spiral down on final glide to stay below the altitude limit of Geneva Airport - and were faster!

1. Jörg Ewald, Niviuk Icepeak 3
2. Michael Maurer, Gin Boomerang 5
3. Joël Debons, Niviuk Icepeak Proto

1. Regula Strasser, Niviuk Icepeak 3

Erste Dame im Ziel: Regula Strasser
12 April 2009, Jörg Ewald

(13 April 2009) Swiss Cup Salève»


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Second Task: 41 km

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