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Pretty good day!
Meeting point for a training flight 9:30 at the headquarters (tickets and map are available there) or 10:00 at the train station (pay the ticket yourself). To be confirmed tomorrow!

We must be ready!
I hope that there is enough little wind so that we can fly to Flims or Schiers before the foehn sets in. But the exact forecast is difficult at the moment.
We have to catch exactly the right time for the start! This is often 10:30 am. So, if the forecast stays like this, we would start very early!

Cloudy, rainy, thundery

NW situation, in the afternoon ev. flight, task

Still NW situation.
Looks good for the afternoon after the remaining cloud cover has disappeared.

Nice weather, wind ok, ev the best day of the week

Friday, Saturday
Rather bad

This is only a vague forecast!!Samstag

13 August 2020, Martin Scheel


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