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Additional rules for the first Swiss League Cup 2015

CCC class
Obviously Ozone Swiss is not able to deliver CCC-kits. Therefor you are allowed to fly with the EN version of your glider, even if theoretically a CCC version exist. This is valid until the manufacturers are able to deliver CCC-kits.

Local regulations
I am sick, heavy influenza, I was not able to work on the local regulations these days. But there are no changes affecting a single Swiss League Cup, therefor you can check the ones from 2014.
The Swiss Sporting Rules are up to date.

1) you have to be registered perfectly on our website, because we will use only SMS registration on location.
2) We will use online upload of your track. You have to be able to produce a valid IGC file and upload it to our website. Normally this is easy and you will find friends to help.
- you have to log in
- go to "Internal" - "League and Regio Competitions" - "Flight Claim"
- you can upload up to 3 files, the fastest well be used
- you will see your position (distance, time), without calculated with leading bonus and formulas.
If your files are not accepted for any reason, you can send it tu us. We will analyze it and put it n to the ranking.

Comments are welcome. To me, or at the website :-)

26 February 2015, Martin Scheel

(27 February 2015) Swiss League Cup: Canceled»


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