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Update: Weather Report and Info Wednesday

The clouds should loosen up again, today a little earlier.
Rapid formation of Cumulus, in the afternoon Congestus, but this probably north of the main ridge. There and in the Gotthard region from 14h showers.
Base 3200?

From Illanz to Disentis moderate valley winds. Moderate southerly wind in the Rhine valley of Chur.
2000m: rising up to 5-10kn SW at 14h
3000m 5-10kn SW

We go up at 9:30
10:00 Briefing Caischavedra
I expect the start between 11 and 12 o'clock

I hope we can fly to Schiers.

08 August 2018, Martin Scheel

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(08 August 2018) Thursday canceled. Infos»


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Update: Weather Report and Info Wednesday

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